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Ahmedabad- The Foodies Hub

Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s pride. It is most famous for the Sabarmati River that flows across it and off late it has emerged as a major economic and industrial hub of the country. This city is in general famous for a lot of things. But today we are going to focus on one thing the people are absolutely passionate about- FOOD! Gujarati street food comes bustling up in Ahmadabad. Let us see what the people are indulging in!

Kharek: This is an exciting street food from Gujarat made from dried dates and digestive powder (more commonly known as churan). It is ideal for digesting all the spicy street food that you will get all round Ahmadabad.

Mutton samosa: This is another innovative preparation that you will have to try out in Ahmadabad!

The people of Ahmedabad are jolly and lively and are proud of their food. Flowers are another aspect they are fond of. Thus, flower delivery is rather common.