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Goa- The Tourist Hub Of The Country

It is possibly the tourism capital of India and has every right to be so. It is one of the most beautiful places with sandy beaches and attractive tourist places around the city.Goa is probably one of the places in India that got independence long after the country got its independence. This was a Portuguese colony until 1987 when it finally got its independence from the colonial rule. You will see that the locals of this place along with the structures here have a lot of Portuguese influence on them. Goa was the 25th Indian state to be formed and has been on a steady rise albeit keeping their work hard and party harder philosophy in place.

This is one place that really gives you a true picture of the Indian diversity. Although it was under Portuguese rule for a long, it still has 66% Hindu population followed by 26% Christians. You will find that the culture is largely influenced by the European tastes. People here are actually lovely and they like to have a fun and laid back life.