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Pune- The pride of Maharashtra

Pune is considered the cultural capital of Maharashtra and it celebrates its Marathi culture, education, arts and crafts, music, and theatre at its best and thus has emerged as a centre of modern architecture in India. The city’s culture reflects a blend of traditions with modernity.
Once the seat of power of the Maratha Kingdom, the city of Pune, lies on the western margin of the Deccan plateau along the Sahyadri mountain range, with river Mutha flowing through it. The city is the witness of a series of historical changes, with the power shifting from the Marathas to Mughals to the British and finally to the people after independence of India. The name of the city was changed from Poona to Pune in 1978.

Pratidnya Hall

Pratidnya Hall 36/2/1 Samarth Path, Next to Alankar Police Chowky, Karvenagar, Vaibhav Cooperative Housing Society, Raghukul Society, Ganesh Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005 Phone: 020 2546 9667

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